Oil Muncher


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GLIMMERMANN Oil Muncher is just what you need to tackle tough grease on engines, lawn mowers, ovens and BBQ grills. Excellent for cleaning tools and specially formulated to dissolve oily, greasy patches on driveways. Removes food stains, spillages and pet house training stains from carpets and fabrics. A great laundry prewash for dirty clothing.

Instructions for use:

Mix 100-200ml of Oil Muncher with 1L of water and spray onto target areas. Wipe or scrub the dirt and grease, then rinse with water. For laundry prewash, saturate stains and wash immediately. For cleaning carpet and fabric stains use the diluted mixture on a sponge to apply to the affected areas. Be carful not to saturate, then wash with water. Oil Muncher can be used in carpet cleaning machines and pressure washers.