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Are you washing your car, or just damaging your paint? Try out Glimmermann Car Care Tips below!

Our Car Care Products can help reduce the swirl mark effect that disfigures your vehicles’ paintwork, likely caused by poor washing technique.

Thorough weekly washes and careful hand-drying can be the best car care you can give to your vehicle.

Improper techniques will cause unslightly swirls and scratches in the paint – meaning compounding or polishing at the very least!

You can eliminate these problems by following a few simple car care tips during washing and drying.

Pre Wash

Tip 1: Pre Wash – Citrus Pre Wash has been developed to help remove stubborn dirt direct from the paintwork before shampooing. Firstly ensure correct dilution, Spray onto all Lower Body Panels, Wheels, Tyres and Arches. This is perfect for removing Bugs and Road Grime. We recommend application using a Snow Foam Lance or Pump Sprayer.

Snow Foam

Tip 2: Snow Foam – By using a Snow Foam such as Avalanche Super Foam or Tutti Frutti Snow Foam this will act as a soapy lubricant for your Wash Mitt and help prevent dirt from scratching your vehicles paintwork.

Add 200ml Snow Foam into 800ml of water into your Snow Foam Lance. Spray an even layer of snow foam around the vehicle and allow to dwell for a few minutes. Rinse using clean water. Apply a fresh coat of snow foam and continue using the Two Bucket Method below.

Two Bucket Method

Two Bucket Method – Using 2 buckets with grit guards this will help prevent any contamination. Bucket one will contain shampoo and Bucket two fresh water for rinsing your wash mitt. Begin at the top and work down in small sections washing the wash mitt in the fresh water bucket first to rinse and then the shampoo bucket before touching the paintwork again. Once all areas have been covered rinse using fresh water and make sure you rinse your wash mitt throughly!