Low Pressure Foam Gun


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This Snow Foam Gun is the quick and convenient way to spray your car with snow foam. It does not require a pressure washer or any special equipment. All you need is a garden hose to attach it to.

It works with any standard garden hose and produces a considerable amount of foam to lubricate your car’s surface.

The mounds of suds this Snow Foam Gun creates reduces the amount of friction, rubbing and scrubbing the paint surface is exposed to during a traditional wash. The foam works by loosening and lifting dirt and contaminants away from the surface. It also lubricates the surface more than usual for when you come to remove the dirt with a wash mitt. Using a snow foam gun and snow foam minimises the risk of swirl marks and scratches.


-         Simply attach to your garden hose

-         No pressure washer required

-         Produces thick mounds of sudsy foam

Size: 1 Litre wide neck bottle