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Easy Glass Sealant
Easy Glass Sealant
Product Code: GLI062

Easy Glass Sealant

Price: £12.95
Short Description

About This Product

GLIMMERMANN Easy Glass Sealant provides a long lasting water repellant and adds an extra sealant barrier against dirt and grime on your exterior glass and windscreen. Water will simply roll off your vertical glass and blow easily off windscreens. Sealed glass stays cleaner for longer with flies and bugs being easier to remove. Improves visability in the dark and in wet weather driving conditions.

Instructions for use: Ensure windows have been thoroughly cleaned using our Easy Glass Cleaner. Apply by putting a number of sprays directly onto the glass or on an applicator pad and rub evenly onto the surface. The product will evaporate quite quickly. leave for 2-3 minutes and use our Easy Glass Cleaner to remove any excess sealant untill the windscreen is clear.

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