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Car Cleaning Products Ireland

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The Science behind Car Cleaning Products in Ireland

Which is the right way of cleaning a car? As with most things nowadays, there is some science behind it and we are going to use it to determine the proper way of cleaning a car. In most cases you can clean your car using the basic car cleaning products in Ireland, but just right is not always right. Furthermore, your car deserves the proper auto care to ensure it remains as shiny and clean as it did when you first bought it.

Cars will always get into contact with soil, and that is what we clean out most of the time. In this case we are going to use a loose definition and categorization of the term soil. This soil can be petroleum, organic and inorganic. This is the most important point. Once you are able to figure out the type of soil you are dealing with then picking out the right cleaner will be an easy task. When you use the right cleaner for the right kind of stain, then the stains will come off with the least amount of effort. A Case in point of this science is organic soil which is the most common. This kind of soil contains carbon atoms. This is a product from the animal fat, proteins, bacteria, and insects that make up the soil. The best example might be the bag of chips that your 5 year old dropped on the back seat of the car – this is organic soil stain.

Inorganic soil lacks carbon. This is what usually stains the exterior, with a good example being water spots. The ever frustrating acid rain spots also belong in this category. Then we have petroleum which is composed of those substances that cannot mix with water. Tar, grease, and motor oil are some common examples of petroleum soil. Chewing gum also falls into this category.

Since we now know the types of stains, we can now take a look at the cleaners. There are very many cleaning products in Ireland right now and yet no one has created an actual all-in-one car cleaning product. Since there are many types of stains and surfaces, there are various types of automotive cleaners each with a unique and complex blend of chemicals. Some of the most common cleaning products include solvents, saponifiers, chelators, and surfactants. Soap is made from these surfactants. They have two compounds, where one is water-loving and the other gets attached to the dirt – this is a loose explanation of the cleaning process.

All cleaning products require a solvent to dissolve the dirt before carrying it away. The most common solvent in most cleaners is water which is very effective on organic soil. But when it comes to the tougher inorganic petroleum soil then solvents made of mineral spirits should be adequate. The only downside to these solvents is that they tend to cause some level of damage to paint.

Another important factor that you should always note when purchasing cleaning products is the PH. The PH is the measurement of the level of acidity of basicity of a solution. Any solution that either mixes with water or has a water base should have a PH value. The PH is important because the use of any solution that is either too acidic or basic can cause serious damage to surfaces. Shampoo meant for the car carpet should have a PH of around 8 – 9, while an all-purpose cleaner should be around 12 -14. Interchanging cleaners with different PH level can be hazardous – try using a cleaner meant for wheel on fabric and the results will leave you weeping.

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